Blockchain your secrets

Secure personal data collaboration platform for immutable, encrypted and convenient storage and processing personal data online

How It Works

Cyphergram is an immutable encrypted zero-knowledge private cloud blockchain platform for businesses and their customers for personal data secure access and storage, flexible processing, manageable sharing and data use tracking
Step 1: Create Form

Company creates Customer personal data request form using templates or its own text or file Secret (contacts, ID copy, credit card number, health details, etc.).

Step 2: Share Form

Company shares a generated key link to the data request form with its Customer.

Step 3: Fill in Form

Customer fills in Companies’ personal data request form. All data gets encrypted with a unique key and saved in blockchain.

Step 4: Set Terms

Customer sets access, use, tracking and reporting settings concluding smart contract with Company.

Step 5: Process Data

Company gets access to Customer data and processes it in compliance with smart contract.

Step 6: Track Data

Both Company and Customer can track and check how the data was used, benefitting transparency, security and trust.


Cyphergram provides businesses and customers with user-friendly and secure environment to collaborate, share data and communicate trustfully online

  • Productive Online Collaboration
  • Smart Personal Data Control
  • By-Design Privacy Regulations’ Compliance
  • Encrypted Personal Data Storage and Transfer
  • Flexible Format Data Processing
  • Ready-made Forms and Templates
  • Blockchain Infrastructure, Immutability and Transparency
  • 24/7 Data Tracking and Reporting
  • Easy Integrations and REST API
  • Cyphergram guarantees that it doesn’t collect or hold any off-site data. Data is limited to what is necessary