Blockchain your secrets

Secure personal data collaboration platform for immutable, encrypted and convenient storage and processing personal data online

How It Works

Cyphergram is a cloud SaaS platform allowing secured personal data accessing, collaborating, storing, managing, sharing and tracking sensitive and personal data use easily integrated with the customer's apps or servers using REST API
Step 1

The company creates a data request form and saves it in Cyphergram

Step 2

Cyphergram gives the company a link which the company should pass to the user

Step 3

The user fills in the provided form and sends it to Cyphergram.

Step 4

The user requests a shared secret link from Cyphergram and pass it to the company

Step 5

The company receives the shared secret link from the user and passes this link to Cyphergram

Step 6

Cyphergram decrypts the secret connected with the passed link and returns the body of the secret to the company


Cyphergram provides businesses and customers with user-friendly and secure environment to collaborate, share data and communicate trustfully online

  • Productive Online Collaboration
  • Smart Personal Data Control
  • By-Design Privacy Regulations’ Compliance
  • Encrypted Personal Data Storage and Transfer
  • Flexible Format Data Processing
  • Ready-made Forms and Templates
  • Blockchain Infrastructure, Immutability and Transparency
  • 24/7 Data Tracking and Reporting
  • Easy Integrations and REST API
  • Cyphergram guarantees that it doesn’t collect or hold any off-site data. Data is limited to what is necessary